• OP Autoclicker vs GS Autoclicker

    Which One Is Better?

  • Still, figuring which one to go with — OP Auto Clicker vs GS Auto Clicker?


    GS Auto clicker and OP Auto Clicker are made to automate clicking. Gamers use this software to their advantage in certain games.


    You can set it to how many clicks you want in a minute and it will imitate as a user is clicking. There are many auto clickers available in the market but only a few can be trusted like OP Auto Clicker and GS Auto Clicker.

    Today we have brought you the comparison between two amazing auto clickers which are OP Auto Clicker vs GS Auto Clicker.


    Let’s get started.


    OP Auto Clicker vs GS Auto Clicker- The Key Takeaway

    1. OP Auto Clicker: In a Nutshell

    OP Auto Clicker is a simple but intuitive software that imitates mouse clicks on a PC. You can set the time interval on clicks.


    Once you set it then you won’t need to click the mouse or keyboard until you want it to stop.

    There are basically two modes available on OP Auto Clicker. The first one is dynamic cursor location which will act as a clicking point. If you want you can use the second one where you can use a specific location to click on before starting the clicker.


    Set the number of clicks manually or let it click infinitely, it's totally up to you. OP Auto Clicker is only available for Windows and registering for it is really easy. Just go to their official website and enter your email to begin. You will also get frequent updates from there.


    Official Website - http://opautoclicker.co




    2. GS Auto Clicker: In a Nutshell


    Softonic created GS Auto Clicker, which is one of the best software creation companies for Windows. Similarly, as OP Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker also imitates mouse clicks on your PC screen.


    This clicker is good for those who have to click repetitively on the web or a game. You can limit the number of clicks or let it click infinitely. With this Auto Clicker, you can play Idle, Clicker, or Incremental games.


    If you compare this Auto Clicker with others then you will find that this Auto Clicker is faster and much more efficient than others. Its speed can be checked on any CPS test website. The user interface of this clicker is similar to other Auto Clickers. Downloading this software is easy.

  • OP Auto Clicker vs GS Auto Clicker: Features Comparison

    Now let’s compare the features of these Auto Clickers.

  • OP Auto Clicker Features

    • OP Auto Clicker is much better than other Auto Clickers on the web.
    • Easily imitates mouse clicks on your PC.
    • Decide how many clicks you want or let it click infinitely.
    • Two different modes are available on it which make it a unique Auto Clicker.
    • Different options are available for mouse clicks. You can set it to imitate left or right mouse click.
    • Three different options for click: Single, Double, and Triple.
    • Hotkeys and shortcuts are also available.
    • You can record the mouse clicking actions as well.

    GS Auto Clicker Features

    Now let's compare them on the basis of ease of use.

    OP Auto Clicker vs GS Auto Clicker: Ease Of Use

    • OP Auto Clicker

    OP Auto Clicker is one of the best Auto Clickers available on the market. It has more features to offer than any other Auto Clicker. The best part about it is that it is really safe and easy to use.


    There are many Auto Clickers that offer their services for free but show ads on your screen which can contain harmful malware. But in the case of OP Auto Clicker, it does not offer any ads on your screen and it is totally free to use.


    Most of the gamers prefer OP Auto Clicker over any other clicker because of its reliability and ease of use.

    • GS Auto Clicker


    Similarly OP Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker is also a simple and easy-to-use software. But it offers fewer features than OP Auto Clicker. The click speed of this Auto Clicker is one of a kind and it is much more than any other Auto Clicker.


    PC gamers prefer this Auto Clicker for its amazing speed. If you have a mouse clicking job then it is perfect for you and it can also save you a lot of time. The only flaw of GS Auto Clicker is that it does not have more advanced features like OP Auto Clicker.


    OP Auto Clicker vs GS Auto Clicker: Pros & Cons


    Now let’s look at their pros and cons.

    OP Auto Clicker


    • Offers many advanced options which other auto clickers don’t offer.
    • Various clicking options available
    • No Ads



    • It doesn’t have that much of speed as GS Auto Clicker.

    GS Auto Clicker


    • Offer amazing speed which others don’t offer
    • This is an open-source software
    • It never lags or crash


    • It doesn’t have advanced options as OP Auto Clicker.
  • Conclusion

    Auto Clickers are a lifesaver for those who have a mouse clicking job on the web. They are designed to imitate a mouse click.


    You can set a number on them or let them click infinitely, it totally depends on you.

    In the comparison, it is pretty clear that OP Auto Clicker is the best overall but if you want amazing speed then GS Auto Clicker can come in handy.


    Now the ultimate choice is yours. Which one do you want to use? Let us know in the comment section.